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Improving shopping experience

Our team works day-by-day to improve our website to turn your shopping experience unique and exclusive. We only choose qualified partners to offer you the best and more innovative services.

Should I create an Account?

You can shop using a registered E-mail or simply as a Guest. If you create your Account, some details will be filled automatically during checkout, which turns this process easier and faster for you. If you prefer shopping as a Guest, you just need to fill the required fields marked with an "*" during the checkout. As a Guest, you can opt to create an account during the checkout as well.

Add to Shopping Bag

Our shop is developed to improve your shopping experience, turning it easier, unique and exclusive. Once searching along our catalogue, you may see the "Add" button under each product: you just need to click and the product listed is added to your bag. If you click several times, the product will be added as many times you click as well. If you want to add two or more units from the same item with one only click, just get in to the product details page and select the desired amount: then click on the "Add" button.

View my Shopping Bag

Just look at the top right corner in the website bar and click on the bag icon. A pop-up may appear and click on "View Shopping Bag".

Checking Out

Inside your Shopping Bag, just click on the "Checkout" button. You will be redirected to the Reserved Area page, where you should select to Log In to your Account, Create an Account or Continue As a Guest. You may select the desired option and then fill the form on the next page. Be aware that if you already have an account registered with your E-mail, you can't shop as a Guest using the same e-mail address.

Last Steps

On the last Checkout page, you just need to fill the fields marked with a "*" - Address, Shipping Method and Payment Method - and click on Place Order. Your order will be placed on our platform and we will notify you to your E-mail address every time your order status is updated.

For further information about How to Shop, please just contact us.
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