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Working during Covid-19 pandemic
Our team is protected and prepared to work normally during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our warehouse is working on a 100% basis, so all orders are being shipped in just a few days.

Shipping through National Post
During the pandemic, some National Post offices are working with a few restrictions, some may even be closed. In some cases, delivery time through this shipping method may be a bit delayed. Some parcels may be retained on the distributor warehouse due to legal restrictions. Some Governments are imposing restrictions on international traffic, in this cases all orders may wait on their warehouse, until the restrictions are lifted. Once the order goes to the Post Office, it is not possible to ask them for a return. Orders may wait until the restrictions are lifted and then they follow their normal journey to destination. Restrictions may apply during the schedule imposed by the local Government.

Shipping through DHL Express
Orders shipped through DHL Express are being delivered to customers in the normal schedule. In some cases, the delivery has just took 2-3 more days to reach the customer. Although the previous mentioned, customers must be advised that DHL may be subject to restrictions as well, imposed by the Government. In these cases, orders may also delay. If the parcel is retained due to certain regulations, only after lifting those restrictions the parcel follow its journey to destination. After shipping the order through DHL, it is not possible to ask for a return. Parcel must follow its journey until destination. Restrictions may apply during the schedule imposed by the local Government.

We're sorry for all the delays caused by the restrictions imposed during the pandemic.

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